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Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch

Coming July 2014!


Injured, Edward's spy is rescued by an abused, but stubborn woman, unwilling to trust a man but with a heart ready for true love.

Arvel Ap Brynn Ffrydd has served as Edward' spy long enough and will complete this last mission for the wife and estate promised him. Discovered by his enemy he must conceal his identity and find a way to deliver his message. His efforts force him to care for a widow, a beautiful, bossy and stubborn woman, then drag her with him only to find she has grown to mean more than the King's reward.

Catherine de Berford Javier physically and emotionally abused by her first husband, refuses to trust men. Another marriage is the last thing she wants, but the injured man who claims to be in Edward's service makes her heart flutter. However, she believes she means nothing to him until he offers his love but will sacrifice his happiness to keep her secret. Fate, in the form of traitor, gives them a future together.

(Each Novel - a ‘stand alone’ book,

and each available in Digital format)

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“Betrayed Bride”

A Contemporary Romance

When Samantha recovers her lost memory, she discovers her father, her mother, even her beloved husband have betrayed her so what else can she do but run?

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Betrayed Bride


It’s Here!

“Lynbrook’s Lady”

Marriage forces them together, but Abby Moore’s secret and Brad, the Earl of Lynbrook’s suspicions, could destroy them both.

Champagne Books, Inc.